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Awaking Dragons

Resurrecting wonder from the ordinary.
A Note

A Note on Words

The words we use are powerful things able to make sense of pain, paint landscapes, and distill beauty. Stories can move us, poetry can change a heart, and the employed imagination can help to freshen our perspective as we seek to live our lives well. In other words, these can help to resurrect wonder from what's become ordinary to us.

Put simply, Awaking Dragons is a space for doing just that, and for engaging the world with words. My hope is that you might be encouraged by something you find here.

You honor me by stopping by. Thank you.

An old book lies open on a table.
Pencil resting on a journal on a map.

From the Desk of Awaking Dragons

Sunlit wooded valleys seen from a mountain view.

A Quote for Inspiration


"The world is charged with the grandeur of God.
          It will flame out, like shining from shook foil;"

About the Author

Tyler Rogness headshot.
Tyler Rogness 

Among other things, I am a writer unimpressed with the shallowness and breakneck speed that plagues our modern lives. My aim is to rekindle imaginations and resurrect wonder from everyday experiences, starting with my own.

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About the Author

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